Each unique game played in Momoko Tournament will contribute a 100 points. Subscriber can play unlimited games unless service cancelled. The points will be accumulated until the end of the campaign. However, if service terminated points will also be terminated. If user re-subscribe to the service, points will start all over again.

I. You can subscribe MOMOKO through advertisement page or Go to http://um.momoko.co subscribe MOMOKO
II. Click and Play any games offered on MOMOKO Tournament and check points via scoreboard page http://momoko.co/scoreboard.php
III. Maintain active subscription for the entire campaign period.

The subscription fee for MOMOKO is RM4 (Excl.GST) per week and subscriber can play more than 500 games. Service will be renewed weekly

The campaign commenced on the 01/12/2017 (00:00) and ends on the 15/1/2018 (23:59)

Yes, you will be eligible for the MOMOKO Tournament since the day the Tournament commenced. However, the points are accumulated daily from the campaign commenced till the end of the campaign.

To unsubscribe go to http://momoko.co and click top left menu button and select "Unsubscribe" or send SMS "STOP MMK" to 28282.

Yes. The points will reset from the day you unsubscribe. Once you re-subscribe again the points will start from 0.

Top 10 winners will be selected based on the scoreboard page and contacted within 14 days.
Grand Prize: U-Mobile TOP UP worth of RM300
2nd Prize: U-Mobile TOP UP worth of RM200
3rd Prize: U-Mobile TOP UP worth of RM100
4th Prize – 10th Prize: U-Mobile TOP UP worth of RM50

a) Winners will be published and announced no later than one month from the end of the tournament duration.
b) Customer support will call the winners to verify the details and Tameko will courier the prizes after 14 working days once winner's information are verified.
c) Tameko reserve the right to present your prize to another participant if Tameko failed to verify the winner details.
d) Once prizes are couriered out, U-Mobile/Tameko will not bare any responsibility on the lost of prizes.